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27+yr husband to one awesome woman & father of 5, US Marine, Christian, Conservative, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Adoption, Pro-America, inventor, entrepreneur, ultramarathoner, three-term elected leader of one of Cincinnati Ohio's fastest growing suburbs, Deerfield.

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12 Years of Success

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I've always been a hard worker; got my first job when I was 12. I was a varsity wrestler and worked two jobs all through college. When I was a Junior, I joined the Marines. It was something most people didn't do, but I was itching to join since grade school when I found my dad's Marines uniform.

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Politics was not something I paid a whole lot of attention to until there were problems in my town. Back in 2004, the local government started acting strange, and it was causing all kinds of problems. A neighbor invited me to a meeting where people were getting all riled up and...​

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Other Causes I Believe In

Focus on the Family Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. They provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.
Fisher House

The Fisher House program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America's military in their time of need. The program recognizes the special sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Brittany's Hope Foundation Brittany's Hope Foundation is dedicated to aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs children. Unicef's latest figures estimate that more than 153 million children languish in institutions and orphanages around the world. Our foundation was created with the hope of building a bridge to unite special waiting children and families who wish to adopt a child but are burdened by the substantial cost international adoption.

Freedom Alliance Freedom Alliance’s Scholarship Fund provides college scholarships to the sons and daughters of American heroes – U.S. military personnel who have been killed or permanently disabled in an operational mission or training accident.

Who's Chris

I grew up the second of five "cop's kids" in Philadelphia, PA and attended LaSalle University, where I wrestled and worked my way through school. In 1990, I left Philadelphia with a Bachelor's degree and a beautiful wife, Jennifer.
The Romano Family 2017 I served in the US Marine Corps for almost a decade, including during the Gulf War. My service took me to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, California, Hawaii, Guam and Cuba. I was personally decorated for leadership and achievement and led award-winning teams in the Military Police and on recruiting duty. Some of my favorite memories are of my tour in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. My last assignment was the toughest, recruiting duty, here in Cincinnati starting in 1994. That's when we moved to Deerfield; we loved it as soon as we saw it.

I left active duty in 1998, and since then I've labored through a number of entrepreneurial ventures, where I leveraged skills and experience in leadership & management, recruiting & HR, sales & marketing; I gained a deep knowledge of social & cognitive science, network theory, complex math and clinical research. I won some awards, like 2001 Rookie of the Year for AstraZeneca; I earned my Master of Business Administration degree from Xavier University; I was awarded a US Patent #us 9286643. and have gotten to work with and advise some great companies and charities. I love being part of a team that adds value and brings something great to life.

Jenny and I have five wonderful children at Kings Local Schools, Archbishop Moeller HS, Grove City College, Coastal Carolina University, and a daughter who graduated from Elon University. We adopted our youngest son, Habtamu, from Ethiopia in 2011. I ran for office in 2005 because I love where we live. Building a better town is part of my effort to teach my children to "be the change they seek in the world." I was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2005 and was re-elected in 2009 and 2013. I've been proud to be a part of making Deerfield the best place in southern Ohio to live, learn, work, shop, play and pray.

I have spent a great deal of my personal time and money helping causes I believe in:
  • As a founding member of Deerfield Honors Veterans, Inc., which funded and developed the Township's veterans park from 2007-2011;
  • As founder and former president of the Chosin Reservoir Marine Corps League, a fundraising veterans group that supports local charities in Warren County, including the Township’s annual Toys For Tots Campaign.
  • As a traveling speaker for Shared Solutions, I visited 25 US cities speaking to people with Multiple Sclerosis about living well, and later as founder of The Bunch Network, a social venture that helps people affected by chronic illness have better lives.
  • As a runner and bike rider, raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity running three 26.2-mile marathons, a 35-mile trail ultra-marathon and two 150-mile bike rides.

  • Mom & us 1972 My parents & siblings 2010 the Romano boys 2011 Tommy's baptism in 2011 best day of my life


    From my Chris Romano on Linkedin profile

    Chris has led award-winning teams in small and large recruiting, pharmaceutical, technology and real estate development companies, as well as in the public sector. Chris is an innovator who can channel his experience as an Officer of Marines, an inventor / entrepreneur and an elected leader into growth and success for people and organizations.

    His MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from Xavier University is a nice complement to his BS in Sociology from LaSalle University. In operations, Chris exercises profound skill and experience in leadership & management, recruiting & HR, sales & marketing. As a technical advisor, he adroitly employs a deep knowledge of social & cognitive science, network theory, complex math and clinical research. In the real estate world, Chris can leverage deep relationships and broad experience to delivery consistent and high quality outcomes.

    Chris lives with his wife and five children in Deerfield, a fast-growing Cincinnati suburb. Since 2005, he has served 3 elected terms on the town council, where he helps the 120+ employee, $21 million government serve its 38,000+ residents and some of Ohio's biggest employers.
    Honored to serve 10 years as a US Marine I've worked with some awesome organizations over the last 20 years


    Accountable Conservative Leader

    In 2005, the people of Deerfield Township, Warren County, elected me to the Board of Township Trustees. They chose me over nine other candidates in the race. In 2009, I ran for re-election in a 4-man race and won 23 of 29 precincts with the most votes ever given a Trustee. With no opposition in 2013, I was re-elected for a third term. I have done my absolute best to humbly serve with sincerity and integrity, working hard for the people of Deerfield.

    My Government Leadership Philosophy​​

    Regardless of the type or quantity of resources available to a small town, a state, or the whole nation, I believe this philosophy is appropriate. It is not only how I run our town, but forms the basis for my evaluation of other elected leaders:
  • integrity and ethics matters more than anything;​
  • stay out of things not in your purview;
  • be frugal; spend the money like it's yours ('cause it is);
  • have a budget;
  • spend less than you make;
  • earn trust, then dish it out liberally unless and until the situation demands otherwise;
  • be honest and direct with the people you represent;
  • collaborate where possible;
  • hire as few people as you can, but as many as you need, and only hire the absolute best people;
  • fire quickly when you've made a hiring mistake, someone's demonstrated incompetence or violated your trust;
  • lead from the front and be seen;
  • remove roadblocks that keep good employees from delivering;
  • make quick decisions with the information that's available, then implement and move on.
  • be accountable up and down the chain of command.

  • Take a look at the accountability section to see what I'm working on and what we've gotten done.


    I Want To Be Accountable!

    I think what frustrates most people about politics--or more precisely, about politicians--is how so often they are unaccountable for the promises they've made, and to the people they represent. I hate that too! That's why I've created this page; to show you what I've done during my time in office. Am I accountable? How am I doing? You be the judge!


  • We made it unlawful for sex offenders to move into Deerfield homes near parks, schools, daycare facilities, and other places where children congregate.
  • We established a policy that prohibits doing business with companies that employ illegal aliens or that have violated immigration law.
  • We conducted a comprehensive restructuring of the Fire Department budget and operating structure that conserved over $200,000 and allowed us to postpone a 2006 levy request and saved taxpayers $1.2 million.
  • We negotiated a collaborative agreement with Mason to improve fire service in our northwest quadrant that saved us over $1 million and significantly reduced response times for both departments.
  • In 2008, in consultation with City of Mason, we opened a temporary fire station in Fleckenstein Park to ensure speedy coverage for families in northwest Deerfield. As part of our agreement, primary coverage is now provided from Station 51 on Mason Montgomery Road.
  • We've reviewed, revised and continue to practice and improve our crisis response plans and participate in annual emergency drills.
  • We doubled our financial support of the Warren County Drug Task Force which has resulted in hundreds of arrests and convictions of serious drug offenders and taken an enormous amount of illegal drugs off our streets.
  • With the help of the Warren County Sheriff, we've twice added personnell to our Sheriff's detachment for improved management and better crime reduction/prevention.
  • I assisted Warren County with implementing Enhanced 911 wireless phone emergency response.
  • I served on Warren County Jail Task Force, identifying an innovative and comprehensive plan to deal with overcrowding in our Criminal Justice System.
  • We accepted a contribution from State and Federal Homeland Security agencies of a 100-person mobile mass casualty treatment unit, which we provide as part of a multi-unit hazardous material response unit.
  • Prosperity

  • We restructured, reorganized and re-prioritized the Township budget, stretching every last dollar of tax money BEFORE asking for a single extra dollar of additional taxes.
  • We carefully manage costs and spend less than we collect in taxes. We've produced substantial budget surplusses 4 of the last 5 years.
  • We completed a thorough audit of our fiscal activity through 2016 and made significant changes to our accounting processes to enhance control and efficiency.
  • To improve fiscal transparency and increase financial awareness, we compile a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, something not many towns or cities do. We've also been awarded threeCertificates of Excellence in Financial Accounting from the State of Ohio.​
  • We enacted new ethics policies to to ensure ethical conduct and the avoidance of real or perceived conflicts of interest for employees and elected officers of the Township.
  • In 2006, by purchasing the Kingswood Golf Course, we halted annexation of several hundred acres representing $3.4 million in annual taxes, retaining the tax base and control of its development to ensure it helps improve transportation, recreation and economic vitality.
  • We obtained a Aa3 credit rating from Moody's (one of the best in the State) to improve our access to capital and lower future cost of borrowing.
  • We’ve kept our total debt to less than 10% of our capacity. As interest rates dropped, we restructured most of our debt, saving more than $1 million in finance costs.
  • Since 2005,we’ve paid down $26 million in long term borrowing; reducing risk and lowering per-capita debt from a high of $1,252 to under $758 and plan to pay the remainder by 2020, making us one of only a few Ohio towns that are debt free.
  • We cut the size of our team 27% to contain costs. With 117 (full-time equivalent) employees, we’re keeping our size at the minimum necessary to deliver quality services
  • We prepared for the negative impact of Obamacare by negotiating caps on employer-paid healthcare costs
  • We renegotiated our local cable access & broadcasting deal, saving $85,000 per year.
  • We enacted new equipment and travel policies to ensure accountability and efficiency.
  • We did a very thorough review and update of our Zoning Code, which include stronger zoning and building rules and more controls that improve our chances of attracting high quality residential and commercial development.
  • In 2008, completed the first-ever Deerfield comprehensive plan and updated it in 2013. Scheduled for another review in 2018, this is the plan that will guide development and re-development of Deerfield for the next 20 years.
  • We joined Cincinnati USA Partnership for Economic Development, a regional business consortium, to stimulate economic growth in Deerfield.
  • We re-branded Deerfield with a new 'Choose Deerfield' logo, website and business theme to emphasize the choice people make every day to live, learn, work, shop and play in Deerfield.
  • We reluctantly filed an important lawsuit to interpret a long-standing annexation contract and subsequently recovered more than $2 million in improperly held real estate taxes.
  • We expanded and realigned Irwin Simpson Road, made Columbia Road safer and more efficient, installed round-abouts on Fields Ertel Road and Socialville Fosters Rd.
  • In collaboration with Warren County and the Regional Stormwater District, upgraded the storm sewers along Irwin Simpson Rd, reducing surge flooding and enhancing water quality where they feed into Simpson Creek and Landen Lake
  • Convinced County, State and Federal leaders to improve I-71 at both Fields Ertel and Western Row exits. We committed $3 million of Township funds to this multi-phase project.
  • Beginning in 2007, represented Warren County at Agenda 360 a regional project to develop a framework for tackling the tough issues facing the four counties of Southwest Ohio.
  • While elsewhere across the country, cities and towns have been losing their shirts, local policies have preserved home and business values comparatively well. Unemployment hovers around 4%, median income is $82,000, median home value is $223,600, median rent is $1,110 and our total assessed property value is now over $1 billion, back at 2008 levels.
  • Quality of Life

  • We finished construction of Wilkens Blvd from Fields Ertel to where Deerfield meets Mason, now we're expanding Mason Montgomery Road along its length to improve north-south traffic in the commercial corridor.
  • Primary and secondary roads have been re-surfaced across 128 miles of Township roadway.
  • With the help of ODOT, we widened Montgomery Road the whole length of the Township. To improve form and function, we paid for beautification projects and used $200K of local taxes to leverage $1 million worth (nearly 6 miles) of sidewalk.
  • We strengthened our relationship with the Regional Stormwater District. The arrangement allows us to meet federal and state mandates while reducing cost by more than half. Our structure has now become a best-practice for towns across the State.
  • Our partnership with the Arts Alliance provides them a home in Deerfield and helps bring quality cultural programming to our town, including summer camps, art festivals, public art, and concerts in the park, including two by The Cincinnati Pops.
  • We've made significant improvements to our park system, which now has almost 400 acres of active and passive park. In combination with City of Mason's parks, there is substantial, usable open space within 2 miles of every Deerfield residence.
  • We finished over $1 million worth of improvements to Cottell Park, including new play equipment and bathrooms, a walking trail, expanded parking and high quality playing fields.
  • We purchased and preserved 40 acres of mostly pristine, fallow land in Loveland Park, along the Little Miami River at well below market value.
  • We invested $2 million to build Fleckenstein Park in the northeast part of town, which in 2010 became home to Warren County's first "Quiltbarn."
  • Our Parks Department now provides residents access to hundreds of events and programs during all four seasons.
  • We now host multiple racing events, including a Thanksgiving Day road race, cyclocross racing and two of the Tri-state's largest trail races
  • We opened new stretches of bike path along Socialville Foster and Mason Roads, connecting neighborhoods with shopping and entertainment options.
  • We installed sidewalk in Kings Mill to connect KME and Kings High School with the surrounding neighborhoods. We also added sidewalk connecting three neighborhoods with Cottell Park; sidewalks are also part of the 2017 widening of Mason Road.
  • We helped coordinate the opening of the area's first YMCA Express, saving the Township more than $6 million compared to previous plans.
  • We've held biannual neighborhood consortium meetings, sharing information and building contacts throughout the Township.
  • Based on input from residents, we expanded the Township Recycling Program, substantially increasing the volume and types of items that can be recycled.

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