Service Disabled Veteran Owned

Verity Management Group

Leaders in public/private partnerships,
development & operations management.

Public / Private Partnerships:

We have substantial experience with helping public agencies achieve strategic aims by collaborating with the private sector. From legal structure, to fundraising, simple building or remodeling to strategic community development, we provide expertise and oversight.

Real Estate Development

From small, single tenant buildings to large-scale, multi-tenant facilities, our team appreciates the different needs of each type of property. We are flexible and innovative, and seek to produce the best experience for both owner and tenant.

Operations Management

The heart and soul of our company is operations management. We specialize in business performance improvement based on making process, organizational, and cultural changes that, when properly implemented, will lead to a high state of operational excellence.

Our Engagements

  • board seat, local government; revenue >$22 million;
  • board seat, national non-profit; revenue >$15 million;
  • advisor, local non-profit; revenue <$1 million;
  • scientific affiars advisor; private company
  • operations, private company; revenue >$1 million;
  • operations, private company; revenue >$10 million;
  • M&A advisor, private company; revenue >$8 million;
  • advisor, private company; revenue <$1 million;
  • advisor, public/private real estate partnership; $15 million;
  • advisor, downtown redevelopment/public/private real estate partnership; $5 million;