Prosperity MADE

the nonprofit Community Development Corporation for the MADE Region,
was established to encourage sustained prosperity and wondrous quality of life in the MADE Region.

Our Purpose:

Prosperity MADE is the Ohio nonprofit community development corporation focused on the MA-DE Region. It's goal is to strengthen the region's economic resilience; to invigorate economic conditions in order to encourage sustained prosperity and wondrous quality of life in the MADE Region.

Born from the observation that real economic growth must include more than increased output; it should incorporate quality improvements, new goods & services, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

It requires long-term investments in new ideas, knowledge transfer, and infrastructure, and depends on high functioning social and economic institutions, as well as cooperation between the public sector and private enterprise.

In the MADE Region, economic success will be measured in terms of societal advancement, sustained prosperity, rigorous innovation, and wondrous quality of life.

Private/Public Partnerships:

Often, what matters most for stimulating development is the capability and orientation of a community's social and economic organizations, especially their capacity to instill confidence in the future.

It requires effective institutions grounded in openness, risk tolerance, appreciation for diversity, and confidence in the potential for mutual gain in both the public and private sectors.

These conditions are essential to creating the right environment for economic growth and ensuring our economic future.

Our Priorities

    1. Attract new businesses
    • Sector targeting
    • Real estate
    • local incentives
    • Networking
    2. Strengthen existing businesses
    • Business resources
    • Advocacy
    • Networking
    • Downtown vibrancy
    3. Support entrepreneurial ventures
    • Business resources
    • Advocacy
    • Capital
    • Education/Mentoring
    4. Cultivate Servant Leadership
    • Leaders program
    • Ties to community organizations
    • Organized volunteers
    5. Attract Talent
    • Culture, Arts, Nightlife
    • Housing Options
    • Community Storytelling
    • Community Attachment
    6. Community capacity building
    • Schools
    • Neighborhoods
    • Diversity/inclusiveness
    • Cultural/Recreational Activities
    • Health & Wellness

Current Programs

active programs intended to support our priorities.

    Focus 1: Attract Talent
    • Target younger workers
    • Focus on what's missing
    • Promote our community

    Focus 2: Strengthen existing businesses
    • Community driven
    • Aligned with needs
    • Optimally balanced
    • Financially stable

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Reliable References

provided to enable deeper understanding of concepts and plans related to the project.